Introducing the Salsa 8-Pak: The Ultimate Collection of Salsa Music with a Powerful Cause
Get ready to groove to the rhythm of salsa with our exceptional package – the Salsa 8-Pak. This exclusive selection includes Eight vibrant vinyl LP recordings of the finest salsa music, offering a truly sensational experience for music enthusiasts.
But that’s not all. As a special bonus, the Salsa 8-Pak also features two dedicated records with uplifting songs that pay homage to the fight against a silent killer that affects our lives – cancer as well as the messages regarding our battle to protect girls and women from domestic violence.  These two albums areheartfelt additions as powerful reminders of the importance of cancer and domestic abuse awareness and prevention.
Even more remarkable is that the Salsa 8-Pak has been handpicked by multiple influential organizations, among them – the New York Jets Crucial Catch game and the American Cancer Society. As part of the NFL’s Crucial Catch mission, which focuses on cancer prevention and early detection, the album Pink Patch Crucial Catch has been selected to support the fight against cancer. The multiple organizations raising awareness and prevention of domestic abuse such as Long Island Women Against Domestic Abuse are being lifted up for greater exposure through the music and spoken word recordings on the Album “Loving Active Women”
These albums and associated events such as Lance Romance’s Residency Performances and Charitable Recognition Shows at the Central Islip Marriott provide a unique platform to recognize and honor courageous cancer and domestic abuse survivors and those currently battling against the relentless disease of Cancer and the unfortunate regularity of domestic abuse against girls and women. It’s an opportunity to come together as a community and show our unwavering support.
With the Salsa 8-Pak, you not only get to enjoy incredible salsa music but also contribute to a meaningful cause. Join us in the fight against cancer and domestic abuse embrace the rhythm, and make a difference.